Ritual Damage by Adoration Destroyed

Adoration Destroyed are one of the Dark Electronic musical acts that have always shown unbridled creativity and passion in their music. This can be seen in their latest album, Ritual Damage. Both song remakes and original work fill these 13 tracks with a dark electronic approach in making some impressive music. Listen to the player above and experience this impressive band for yourself.

Many thing of Texas as a place filled with Metal and Country music. Adoration Destroyed is one of the many bands that is shattering this perception and showing that diverse and good music can come from any part of the world. It is the vision of the artist and what they create that matters, not what is viewed as common for that particular region of the world.

After hearing the music above, if you love what you hear, you can use the same Bandcamp player above to purchase a digital copy of Ritual Damage for only $7.00 USD (roughly 6,23€). This is an album that anyone that loves good Electronic music with a darker flair should get.

The tracks on Ritual Damage are:
1. Here To Bleed
2. Torn Apart
3. Voices Carry
4. Carnal Dirge
5. Never Mine
6. Last
7. Coma White
8. Nothing Left
9. In Elegant Decay
10. Both Of Me
11. Ritual Damage
12. Here To Bleed (16 Volt Remix)
13. In Elegant Decay (Mr. Kitty Remix)

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