Resurrection - The Best Of by The Mission

The Mission are a band that has been around for many years and have had a large numberof songs that can never be forgotten. To get all their best songs would require buying a ton of albums.

The Mission has something special in their latest release, Resurrection - The Best Of. This album is packed with 10 of their best songs. This is a perfect addition to anyone that loves their music or someone that has recently discovered this epic band and wants song of their most remembered songs for their collection.

Listen to the Bandcamp player above and get a feel from this band that helped mold Gothic Music with their beautiful approach in their music. If you like what you hear you can use the player above to get your own digital copy of Resurrection - The Best Of by The Mission for only $7.00 USD.

Evangeline by The Mission

Moving On by Simon Hinkler

Tower Of Strength by The Mission UK