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Reframed EP by Metroland

To close this fruitful 2018 year in beauty, Belgium’s vintage synth pop duo Metroland are releasing today the exclusive “Reframed” digital EP. The perfect bridge between this year’s successful studio album “Men In A Frame” and its conceptual colour vinyl companion “Framed” coming out in January 2019.

With their last concept, METROLAND further expanded their artistic horizon by (quite literally) throwing photography into the concept.

This new EP also announces the second “Pictures To Listen Too“ exposition at the Cultuur Centrum of Mechelen – Belgium from its vernissage on 26th January 2019 until 24th March 2019. Another METROLAND unique happening is allowing people to actually listen to the pictures… METROLAND’s aim being, at all times, to immerse their listeners in their symbiotic combination of electronics and deliberate, yet minimal design.

What you see is what you hear…

- Alfa Matrix Records

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