Pretty In Kink Tour Kit

To prepare yourself for the upcoming Lords of Acid US tour you can purchase the "Prepare Yourself Pretty in Kink Tour Kit". This package holds the Pretty in Kink Double Deluxe 2CD, the Official Pretty in Kink T-Shirt, the Tales of Debauchery Live CD, the Pretty in Kink buttons and the LOA logo Sew-On Patch! With this tour kit you are well prepared for the upcoming tour. You get to know the new LOA songs (Pretty in Kink 2CD), you can listen to the live versions of the Lords of Acid classics (Tales of Debauchery) and strut your stuff wearing the official Pretty in Kink T-shirt! Comes with the LOA logo Sew-On Patch and the Pretty in Kink buttons! None of these items will be available at the US Tour Merch Booth.

- Lords Of Acid

The Pretty In Kink Tour Kit is currently available for €59.00 (roughly $77.00 USD) on the official Lords Of Acid store. Please click here to be taken to the Tour Kit's page on the Lords Of Acid store.

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