Overkill's The Walking Dead

Over the past couple of decades video games have evolved into live action movies. This is largely due to the impressive graphics, the depth of coding, and the music that helps set the tone to the games. Music plays a vital role in setting the mood in games and gives them a need depth that can add emotions that otherwise would have been lost.

Contagion working in conjunction with PCB Entertainment have created an amazing score to Overkill's The Walking Dead. As you can see in the trailer above for the character Aidan, the music helps add to the tone of the circumstances the character is in and the state of the world.

PCB Entertainment has been heavily involved in video games and their mastery is only enhanced by the impressive audio skills that Contagion brings. Be sure to get the game as it is available on XBox One and the PS4.

Scratch by Contagion

Hate by Contagion

Fire Control by Bellhead