New Flesh by Priest

Priest combines a unique presentation through bondage and historical plague masks that helps them stand out from the masses in Electronic music. What makes then stand out the most is their amazing music and how it can dominate the atmosphere in any setting. They are a Swedish band that anyone who has not heard of is truly missing out on music that is truly special.

Much of Priest's music is Synthpop in feel, but with powerful undertones that make their songs stand out. These melodies combined with the vocals makes for a rare combination that is Synthpop, but something else. Something that makes for a dynamic that makes Priest music stand out in a very good way.

New Flesh is their newer album and a great one to get your feet wet with this band. The music on this release shows many of the endearing aspects of Priest and shows that they are a band that everyone should have in their collection if you like Electronic music. This is also true for those that like the darker side of music and want to see it molded by truly gifted musicians that love what they do.

Lövely Records is releasing a special Black Vinyl version of New Flesh by Priest. This version of this great album can be yours for only €18,40 (roughly $20.67 USD). This version of this LP is a rather unique item that would be ideal for any collection or for someone that you know that needs a gift that they will love. If you would like to get New Flesh in its vinyl form you can get it by clicking here.

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