Manifest by Vanguard

3 years in the making – Swedens finest electropop / synthpop artist return with their all new studioalbum. Three years after the release of their last album “Never surrender” the Swedish electronic duo Vanguard is back with their much anticipated new album “Manifest”. The new album takes over where the previous album ended and contains hard dark beats as well as synthpop-oriented melodic songs. All together the songs make up a perfect mix between danceable beats and powerful ballads. The Swedes never compromise in maintaining their trademarks and they develop their own sound even further on “Manifest”. With their new (digital only) single “Save me” as part of the eleven track strong album, Vanguard is releasing the duos best albums so far. Don’t miss this release!

- Storming The Base

The Manifest CD can be yours for only $19.00 USD (roughly 16,91€; £15.28). By clicking here you will be taken to the Bandcamp page making this offer.

The tracks on this release are:
01 Higher Ground
02 Save Me
03 Grit
04 Fight You
05 Indigo Dreams
06 When I doubt
07 Riot
08 Only Lies
09 So Fake
10 Hate
11 Don't forsake Me

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