Maniac Mondays From WFKU Radio

WFKU Radio is one of the gems in Internet radio when you want to hear the darker side of the dial of music. They have been around for years and have always strives to offer the best music, the most talented DJs, and an approach that few will see else where. It is this approach that has driven WFKU to present something special on Mondays.

Every Monday, WFKU will be presenting Maniac Mondays which will have 13 hours of live music with live DJs. There is no pre-recording, the DJs are live on air and in the station's website chat. This makes for something where the listeners can interact directly with the DJs for making requests, chatting about music, or just to get to know one part of the WFKU community.

If you would like to check out WFKU and what they have to offer the world with their music and DJs, please click here.

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