Lollipop by Caramella Girls

Caramella Girls's latest song, Lollipop, brings the dance vibe, anime graphics, and a powerful message. The song expresses individuality, co-existance, and overall loving others and yourself. Some may see that there is an agenda in the song, but the song simply shows their band's love in self and others. Accept yourself as an individual, your own style in life, and being true to yourself. Also, share this perception in others and don't impose your perceptions on others.

Lollipop is a simple and fun song, yet the lyrics express what unconditional acceptance and being true to thine self means in the eyes of the Caramella Girls.

Caramella Girls is a Swedish band that has always thrived in making fun music, showing love to their fans, and sharing who they are as artists to the world. They can be found exclusively through Remixed Records and wherever music is sold worldwide.

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