Live Set by ACID Casualty

ACID Casualty give a special treat to their fans in the form of a live recording of their live sets. This is a first hand video of the music being performed with the intent of you seeing the recording process this band puts into their music.

If you like Electro-Industrial with a hard a gritty feel, then ACID Casualty is a band that you music check out. This video above will give you a direct viewing of the music being performed in a more personal and intimate format. It will also give you a good sampling of their music as a whole. Here are words directly from Michael Martin of ACID Casualty:

I had always wanted to record a live set but have never done so due to being busy focusing on kicking ass at the show and not forgetting my lyrics .. ,so i mic'ed up a room , plugged my mic and pc DI into the good ol hardware DAW , and busted out part of the live #acidcasualtyindustrial set! As its a live solo performance , its raw , gritty , unedited and far from perfect pseudo industrial goodness. If you dig it, please grab a download , share links with friends , post , and thank you all for the support.

You can purchase this set for $1.00 USD by clicking here.

Tripping Synthesizer (Short Film) by ACID Casualty

Chet Faker Remix - Gold Fever by ACID Casualty

Drum & Bass Death Trip (Original Version) by ACID Casualty