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Liikaa / (Excessively) by TFG (TONTTU) & Keith 'Zig' Stewart

TONTTU is a band that has had an epic war on gnomes. It is this standard and for making distinct music that stand out for those that know of them. Now they have created something new for their fans and for those that love Finnish poetry.

Joining forces with Keith 'Zig' Stewart, TONTTU has created and recorded the video above. This is the Finnish poem, Liikaa / (Excessively), which combines the forces of TFG (TONTTU) & Keith 'Zig' Stewart into this unique video above. This is a Dark Ambient presentation of an epic Finnish poem spoken in its native tongue.

For those that have an interest, here are the words in English:
I close my eyes and start moving forward without visual perception...
I gently touch objects and things that come to my way and even reach a bit on my sides...
Too soft, too fleshy and... To put it straight far too lively things out there confusing my receptors…
Why on earth may nothing around me feel comforting and pleasant?

As my sense of hearing sharpens to substitute the sight that I lost, I realize that there are voices around me to be heard...
Panting, unpleasant and outright repulsive in every way, far too... Humane…
Scratching, breathing, occasional sound of one, correcting their position...
I wonder if I accidentally ended up in one of Dante’s plays as a result of my experimentation?

I consider my options for enhancing my situation...
I decide to fight fire with fire and if my senses behave so insulting way towards me,
let them have it... And if silencing one of my senses strengthens the others up, my road to victory would be easy!
My senses have better learn to respect me and all those problematic things near me
would be taken care of at the same time, I am quite certain of that!

I open my eyes and start rolling them around, so they would get the highest amount of stimulation possible.
I start spinning in circles trying to touch everything, so my sense of touch would reach its limits.
At the same time I try sniffing the organic mass around me, so my sense of smell would be fully in use.
I shout out as hard and long as I possibly can, so my ears would have more than their share to handle.
After doing that for some time I stop for a moment, realizing that my environment has pleasantly quietened up…
I want to be on the safe side, so I decide to continue on the path I have chosen as, God forbid, I would not like to go back to where I once started.

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