Khanthology Box Set by Praga Khan

Praga Khan is well known for his work through his band, Lords Of Acid. What some people have missed out on is his solo work. This is where the deal presented above comes into play. The Khanthology is comprised of 9 of Praga Khan's releases and a special DVD, Visions And Imaginations.

In addition to this special box set, each cd is remastered with bonus tracks on it. That is 135 tracks and also includes the new album, Mindgames. These albums are hand numbered and are also signed by Praga Khan.

The Khanthology is more than just a boxed set with all that it has within it. Keep in mind that this is a limited edition and will have a shelf life to be purchased. So if you love the music that Praga Khan has created, then this is something you will not want to miss out on. The box set can be yours for only €79,99 (approximately $89.54 USD) and can be yours by going to the Lords Of Acid store page by clicking here.

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