Juzzie Smith @ Grolsch Bluesfestival 2018

For those that are curious of an artist, Juzzie Smith presents himself perfectly in the video above. This is part of the Grolsch Bluesfestival 2018 in Schöppingen, Germany. In is a video where Juzzie Smith presents himself, what he does as an artist, and puts his words into practice.

Juzzie Smith is an Australian one man band. Many will claim this, but he has mastered so many instruments and how to perform literally 3 to 6 instruments (both literal and home made devices to make sounds). At one point in the video he one by one adds instruments until he is performing 6 at the same time. This is an amazing feat for almost everyone, for Juzzie this is his way of making fun and unique music for his fans. Watch the video and get a good sample of the true one man band at work and fun.

Keep Life Simple by Juzzie Smith

Красная Шапочка (Red Riding Hood) by Слайд Шоу

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