INDUPOP by State Of The Union

INDUPOP is the fifth studio album by State of the Union. As the name implies its roots are in the underground industrial music twisted with a synthpop flavor to evoke an exquisite taste for the followers of darkwave electronic music.

- State Of The Union

INDUPOP is the latest release by State Of The Union. It is also part of a series of releases made within 24 hours on the Official State Of The Union Bandcamp page.

11 tracks are in INDUPOP and show the brilliance in each song. This is an album that every State Of The Union fan, Dance DJ, and anyone that loves Electronic music will want. Listen to the Bandcamp player above to hear each track on INDUPOP. You can also use the Bandcamp player to purchase the album for $12.00 USD.

Thank You State Of The Union

Slither by State Of The Union