Hate2love & Mercy 2LP Vinyl by In Strict Confidence

Another masterpiece by Germany’s EBM pioneers. Very electronic (as you might have expected). Long-running and revered electro-industrial act In Strict Confidence has been a stalwart innovator and fixture in the EBM scene for over two decades. The new album, HATE2LOVE combines Dennis Ostermann’s signature vocals & emotive lyrics with a groove laden electro-vibe & ISC’s signature bombastic combination of rock elements and danceable industrial.

Co-produced by Rhys Fulber (Frontline Assembly/Delerium/Fear Factory), one track features Peter Devin (yelworc), and the cooperation with Dirk Riegner (Peter Heppner) also left an audible trademark on this album. Artwork by heilemania (who also worked for Lindemann / Rammstein and Kamelot). Coming in beautiful digipak packaging.


- Storming The Base

Hate2love & Mercy 2LP Vinyl can be yours for only $29.00 USD (roughly 25,81€; £23.25). By clicking here you will be taken to the Bandcamp page making this offer.

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