For Free: In Dark Dreams: 1980-2015 by Attrition

Attrition wants to start 2019 with a special gift to the world. Until January 5th, 2019, their album In Dark Dreams: 1980-2015 will be free for digital download. This is a special collection of their music over 35 years for you to have!

Attrition is one of the defining forces in Darkwave and Dark Electronic music. To get an idea of what is in their album, here is what they have to say about In Dark Dreams: 1980-2015.

"Forever there will be the speculation that the exploration of darkness as a beautiful place will lessen our fear of it all, ease the pain a little..."

A 30 track collection spanning 35 years of ATTRITION.

With many unreleased takes and alternate versions of classic songs this collection has been compiled by founder Martin Bowes and traces the many styles and twists and turns in the band's work over the decades...

A Girl Called Harmony by Attrition

Silent Night by Attrition

One Horse Rider by Attrition