Desensitized Parallels by Xentrifuge

Xentrifuge is one of the hidden gems in the darker side of underground music in the northeastern United States. Their music is a powerful brutal mixture of Industrial and Aggrotech music all hammered out by two extremely talented musicians. Chris X and Lisa Hellen bring the grating Industrial feel and fuse it with abrasive noise and a touch of heavy guitar work in each song they masterfully construct.

Their latest creation, Desensitized Parallels, can be heard on their official Bandcamp player above. Listen to the msuci presented on this 10 track release. If you love what you hear it can be yours digitally through the same player for only $7.00 USD (roughly 6,23€). If Industrial music is your passion then this is an album you will not want to miss out on.

Legions Of The Enslaved by Xentrifuge

Live Music Video Of N.M.E. by Xentrifuge

Xentrifuge @ DARQ