Das Kapital T-Shirt by Engram

Engram is Martin Bowes and John Costello who have both performed experiments in sound for over 30 years. Martin with Attrition and John mostly under his own name. Together they have concocted an atypical mix of minimal wave, body music, soundtrack tonalities and lush melodies, bound with washes of dark electronics.

The release of Das Kapital is the latest release by this duo under the name Engram and now you can wear their creation in the form of a t-shirt. This t-shirt (as seen above) is in tribute to their album, Das Kapital. This is a limited edition t-shirt with only 25 created and it can be yours for only £14.99 (roughly $19.30 USD). As a limited edition, this will likely never be re-released and this is a must of you like the music made by either of these artists or their venture together. To get your t-shirt lease click here.

Engram In The Cage

Das Kapital by Engram

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