Blut Royale by Combichrist @ Bloodstock

They say that going to a concert is the best way to experience a song, but sometimes a video can be masterfully made that will show the same charge that was created in the performance. True it isn't the same, but it is the next best thing when you can't be present for your favorite band's performance. Bloodstock has made a great video of Combichrist performing their song Blut Royale at Bloodstock 2018.

The video above is the performance by Combichrist and you can see the aggressive charge they spark and share with the masses present to see them perform at Bloodstock 2019. Not only is the video well recorded and edited, but is it of one of the great classic songs by this Industrial band. Watch the video and see what you can expect the next time that Combichrist come to your town. Don't worry about 'if' they will come. They perform globally and always seek to bring their music to their fans in all reaches of the world.

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