BlowBy by OhGr

OhGr always comes out with unique music that has ties to Industrial music and adds alot of compentents in the Electronic world of music. A lot of it is fused with elements of Experimental music into something that stands out from all the music out there and shows the true talent that OhGr has as a band.

The video above is from OhGr's song BlowBy. What makes it stand out is that the video was made by Remnant. This is not an official video, but the band does show their appreciation in the time and energy that was put into making this video by their beloved fan. The visuals are edited together from the game Scorn. This unofficial video of BlowBy does fit the song very well and it is a fitting presentation visually.

TricKs Cover T-Shirt by ohGr

Waiting by OhGr

June 19, 2019 by OhGr