Blak Magik Musik Podcast 021

This is the December 6th, 2019 release of Robb Blak's Black Magik Musik Podcast 021.

Quadra - Something Strange (original mix)[Sculpted Sounds]
Shadow Chronicles - Jungle Rocket (original mix)[Future Music Records]
Avengers - Return Of The Jedi (original mix)[Timelapse]
Cosmic Tone - Psychoactive (original mix)[Iono Music]
Sean Tyas - Lift (Sean Tyas remix)[Degenerate Records]
Morrisound - Wizard (original mix)[Parabola Music]
Tryambaka - Du Hast (tribute mix)[MMD Records]
Will Atkinson - Autobahn (Volcano On Mars extended remix)[VII]
Paradox - Behind The System (original mix)[Sahman Records]
Metallica - For Whom The Bell Tolls (Robb Blak remix)

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