Banshee by Lorelei Dreaming

Lorelei sings to lure you to the edge. Her passion for performance and theatrical, art-driven dance music is unstoppable. After touring in 2015 and 2016 with Angelspit, doing live guest vocals with Velvet Acid Christ, and debuting live 2016 performances for St. Griselda, Lorelei is teaming up with the incomparable Zoog Von Rock to release this new project. Synth-centered electroclash dark electronic dance will draw you to the dance floor. Lorelei brings her signature theatricality to Zoog's haunting beats. Come dance with us!

- Lorelei Dreaming

Banshee is the debut album by Lorelei Dreaming and showcases the talents of the gifted Lorelei. This band is effectively the brain child of Lorelei where she has poured all her musical talent into one outlet. Banshee is the first release that shows the start of her voyage of making some of the best electronically driven music from the United States. The Bandcamp player above will give you a taste of the music in Banshee, if you would like to purchase this album you can use the same player to get it for only $7.00 USD (roughly £5.60 or 6,24€).

The tracks on Banshee are:
1. Scream With Me
2. Volcano
3. Edge of the World
4. Echo Chamber
5. Parachute of Gold
6. Seeming - Volcano (Seeming Remix)
7. Echo Chamber (The Sweetest Condition Remix)
8. Edge of the World (Edge of Arrakis Mix by Stoneburner)
9. Parachute of Gold (Blacklight Remix by The Rain Within)
10.Scream With Me (The Dead Room Remix)
11.Volcano (DJ Addambombb Remix)
12.Echo Chamber (Iris Remix)
13.Parachute of Gold (Planetdamage Remix)
14.Edge of the World (Digital Gnosis Remix)
15.Echo Chamber (Adventu Impar Remix)
16.Scream With Me (Go Fight Remix)

Echo Chamber by Lorelei Dreaming

Parachute Of Gold (Surrender Mix) by Lorelei Dreaming

Parachute Of Gold (Surrender Mix) by Lorelei Dreaming