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Anderkaver by 0Kontrol

0Kontrol still have a few digital copies left of their single, Anderkaver. This is a great way to discover an impressive band that truly embrace all the best aspects of Darksynth and Electrowave. These are going fast so you definately want to get your free digital copy before they run out!

0Kontrol is the cultimation of the talents of 4.44 (from St. Petersburg) and Masha Kasha (from Brussels). Both are very driven with their passion for music and their own distinct styles. 0Kontrol is the fusion of their talents into something special in the Electronic world of music. Listen on the Bandcamp player above and see what they have to offer. You can use the same player to get your free digital copy of Anderkaver (before the free digital copies run out).

The tracks on Anderkaver are:
1. You must have known (We Are Temporary cover)
2. Undantag (Bo Kaspers Orkester cover)

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