Alfa Matrix Presents: Sounds From The Matrix 020

Alfa Matrix Records presents their label compilation, Sounds From The Matrix 020. This is the latest in a series of compilations that show some of the best artists on the label with their latest songs.

Sounds From The Matrix 020 is a 19 track compilation that has become part of a tradition at the end and beginning of each year where Alfa Matrix Records shows the world in a nut shell what their artists have to offer. This is perhaps one of the best resources to see what Alfa Matrix Records and its artists have to offer the world. If you love Electronic music with an edge, then this is a compilation that is a must to get.

Not only can you hear the compilation above, but you can use the Bandcamp player to make your purchase. The compilation can be yours for only €9,00 (roughly #11.50 USD)

The songs in Sounds From The Matrix 020 are:
1. PSY’AVIAH feat. Kyoko Baertsoen - Plan B 03:41
2. HELALYN FLOWERS - Tetrachromatic 04:21
3. SYNAPSYCHE - Mirror terror 05:03
4. IMJUDAS - Without us you are nothing 03:31
5. I:SCINTILLA - Human (ANGELSPIT mix) 03:35
6. JUNKSISTA - A little naughty 03:17
7. H.O.W. - Happiness imperative 03:46
8. LLUMEN - The dark inside her eyes (bunker edit) 04:37
9. MENTAL EXILE - Renegades 03:49
10.METROLAND - Memorabilia 03:39
11.IMPLANT - Oxynoxe (Karl Hefner & Hugh Lagerfeld remix) 03:32
12.AESTHETISCHE - Berlin 04:47
13.AD:KEY - You can’t fuck me 03:54
14.KANT KINO - Destruct 03:59
15.AVARICE IN AUDIO - Trojan horse 04:53
16.REACTOR7X - The circus of false 04:50
17.DUNKELWERK - GxSTxPx 4c (bunker edit) 04:03
18.CIRCUITO CERRADO - Revolution (short edit) 02:57
19.ALIEN VAMPIRES feat. CHAINREACTOR - Hyperbolic doubt 04:07

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