A Special Christmas Announcement

Christmas time is always viewed as a time of family, presents, and the holiday spirit. One of our core members once stated, "It isn't how you are on Christmas that gives the day meaning, but all that you do which leads up to that day." Keeping that spirit in mind we shall not just celebrate Christmas for the 25th, but from the 25th till the end of the Christmas week!

For These 5 Days Of Christmas we will have the following little gems for you:
1) December 25th/26th: Multiple Video Of The Day posts focused on Christmas and the spirit of this holiday.
2) December 25th Til 29th: Multiple Free Music posts that are all legal music for you to get and will give you exposure to multiple musicians both in Music Eternal and in the music world as a whole.
3) December 25th Til 28th: Multiple 101 posts focused on Christmas Music, the history, impact it has had on the world, and how musicians of today are revolutionizing the style of music.
4) December 25th Til 29th: A heavy focus on adding the albums to existing members of Music Eternal. This way you have a chance to listen to the Music Eternal family directly from the site.

Music Eternal and its family wish you a very Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays.

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