3rdeye2ndhand by 0Kontrol

3rdeye2ndhand is the latest album by 0Kontrol and brings a unique feel to music. The album presents elements that can be found in Electropop, Synthpop, and Electroclash. The combination is different than most of the music in the world and shows the originality in 0Kontrol's music.

Some of the songs in 3rdeye2ndhand show simularities to Ladytron, others more like an upbeat Kaleida if either had a small dose of Electroclash added to them. Still to compare 0Kontrol to either of these would be a disservice to the creative freedom found in their music. They have a distinct style that flourishes and this album shows the depth of talent and vision they have in music.

Listen to the Bandcamp player above and get a good sampling of this new band by this new band. They are a breath of fresh air in a family of genres that embrace creativity and originality.

Anderkaver by 0Kontrol

Anderkaver by 0Kontrol

Sitting On The Moon by 0Kontrol