The Shaman’s Heart

" This is a gathering place for those who are working with The Shaman’s Heart Meditation Training Program, the original Shaman’s Heart Program (2008), and anyone who is interested in shamanic and transpersonal approaches for personal and planetary transformation. "

" You are encouraged to share your stories and experiences related to your work with The Shaman’s Heart programs and practices, and also feel free to ask questions. Byron Metcalf will be moderating the page on a regular basis. "

" In shamanic traditions, our greatest wisdom and spiritual connection comes when we can “see with the heart.” With The Shaman’s Heart Meditation Training, master percussionist and shamanic teacher Byron Metcalf combines cutting-edge sound healing technology with insights, guided journeys, and meditation practices to help you access the power of the field of the heart. Using his proprietary Field Effect Audio Technology (FEAT) to help you easily enter altered states of consciousness, Byron presents a program created to help you eliminate outdated behaviors and beliefs; explore your ancestral imprints; journey to the shamanic realms of power; accelerate your evolution at the personal, interpersonal, and transpersonal levels; and much more."

" Click here for more information on The Shaman’s Heart Meditation Training Program and make sure to check out the entire site for more details about Byron’s counseling and coaching services. "

- Byron Metcalf

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True Ground by Byron Metcalf

Wisdom Work by Byron Metcalf

Fire Passage by Byron Metcalf