Красная Шапочка (Red Riding Hood) by Слайд Шоу (Slide Show)

Red Riding Hood is the latest song by Slide Show. This Russian band has changed over the years, yet the emotion and talent in their music never fades. Red Riding Hood is their latest Metal based song that shows its own potency without losing the empathy in powerful vocals by their gifted female vocalist.

This latest song is one that presents a much harder edge to Slide Show's music and less of the electronic elements that they have had in their prior releases. Red Riding Hood could be viewed as something different than their other songs, but that would be something not exactly accurate. The band has drawn from metal genres as well as other in their other songs. It is this lack of boundaries in genre has given the band the ability to present a wider variety of songs that have been true to them as artists.

Не Отпускай by Слайд Шоу

Красная Шапочка (Red Riding Hood) by Слайд Шоу

November 2019: слайд-шоу (Slide-Show)