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Pre-Order World Molæster by Leæther Strip

The latest chapter of Leæther Strip will be presented this September 1st, 2018, in the shape of their new album, World Molæster. This new album will be release through in a number of formats ranging from audio cassette, CD, digital download, and a special Strictly Limited Edition. The limited edition will be limited to 999 copies that will be autographed.

Each pre-order of World Molæster will have 3 tracks available now for download. As you can tell from these tracks, Leæther Strip brings a mixture of hard hitting EBM, Electro-Industrial and a hint of Synthpop. The songs truly show the pure creativity in the band's vision in music.

Check out the Bandcamp player below to hear the 3 tracks by Leæther Strip and get a sample of what is in store for you in World Molæster. You can use the player to pre-order you copy of this new album. Better hurry as some of the formats are limited in the number of copies.

World Molæster Release format and price:
Digital Album (€10,00; roughly $12.00 USD)
Strictly Limited Edition Autographed CD: 999 copies (€15,00; roughly $18.00 USD)
Very Limited Edition Cassette: 299 copies (€10,00; roughloy $12.00 USD)
Tour Edition: Limited Edition CD in plastic/foldout cover 999 copies world wide - Incl. "Strawberry Lips"
Compact Disc (CD) + Digital Album (€12,00; roughly $14.40 USD)

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