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Pissage (Pre Mix Instrumental) by OhGr

Some people make the assumption that Electronic music is easier to create than the traditional bands that rely solely on physical instruments. For many bands that have mastered the creation of Electronic music, this can't be farther from the truth.

The band OhGr presents this special version of their song Pissage from the album Undeveloped. In this release you can hear the song in its pre mix instrumental format. You can hear this version of the song above in the video player.

OhGr is a side project from members of Skinny Puppy and they have a wealth of decades of experience in music. They not only know how to make music in a very impressive fashion, but are among the musicians that are forging Industrial music in new directions. Some bands that are cutting through the veil of darkness and unknown in music would likely not want to show a sliver of the development process to a song. OhGr is a band that wants to share something special to those that have been their loyal supporters and have loved each creation they have made.

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