New Album By Schultz And A Request

Schultz has a new album slated for March of 2019 that will have a new feel for it. The music will be bringing more of a harder Indutrial feel to it. This album based on the teaser will have a very enegetic feel to it that will pound your speakers and charge the soul.

As with anything, there are always challenges/ Schultz is needing help. If you want to help this French musician you can go to the French crowdfunding page by clicking here. Keep in mind that the page is in French. If you would prefer to bypass the page and go to the donation page you can do so by clicking here

This new album with have a number of special guests such as GRAYSSOKER, VDREY. Karim of LUDWIG VON 88 and many more. This will be released digitally and as a limited pressing of 100 copies.

To see where your money is going, Schultz has made a complete breakdown. Here is the breakdown to help ensure that Schultz can get this new 13 track album out on March 2019:

" This campaign will cover the exit costs of this album namely:

Recording and production (Studio Tremplin): Offered by ARTSOUNDMIX.

Mastering (MIllenium Studio): 650 Euros

Pressing 100 cds (Hurricane): 165 Euros

Distribution platforms: around 50 Euros

Communication: 1000 Euros That is about a budget of 1865 Euros.

The remaining money will cover the remaining costs (photos, videos, graphics ....)

Musicians need their fan's support and this is where you can support Schultz in getting their next album out!

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