MuDDLe Music Video by OhGr

For those that have never heard of OhGr or have had the pleasure of listening to their distinctly unique music, then this is a treat just for you. The video above is an edited version of their song MuDDLe. This version lacks the transitions that they have at the beginning and ending from the album version. So you can hear this song for what it is and get a really good focus on one song instead of the collective of songs from the TriCKs album.

Another aspect that makes this video of MuDDLe so unique is that this is an official video from the band. Official videos tend to be extra special as they present visuals that lend to the tone and feel of the song. These elements are not from a fan or a label, but from the actual creators of the song. The fact that they have been making videos like this with the intent of showing a different complimentary aspect for the world is something that their many fans are grateful for.

If you like what you hear from OhGr's MuDDLe video above be sure to use the Amazon widget below to purchase either the song or the full album TriCKs it is a part of.


Waiting by OhGr

June 19, 2019 by OhGr

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