Mindless by State Of The Union

State Of The Union has always been well known for making Electronic music that both tugs on the heart strings and fills any dance floors it is played on. Mindless is their latest release which can be heard on the Official Infacted Recordings Bandcamp player above.

As with any single, Mindless is themed on one song which it is titled after. Each of the 8 tracks emcompass3 different songs with a variety of remixes of these songs. Each song if remixed by a different artist and gives a distinct facet of the original song without tarnishing the vitality of the song itself.

If you are a fan of State Of The Union or just love really good Electronic music, then Mindless is a must for your collection. This album can be your (through the Bandcamp player above) for only €5,99 (about $8.50 USD).

Thank You State Of The Union

Slither by State Of The Union