Helalyn Flowers Merchandise Is Selling Out!

This is a good news, bad news regarding Helalyn Flowers and their Bandcamp profile. The good news, they have offered a ton of goodies ranging from music, posters, collectibles, and T-shirts. This is literally a gold mine for anyone that loves Helalyn Flowers and their remarkable music. The bad news is that much of it is quickly selling out.

If you love music that brings an edge to Electronic Rock and Electro-Industrial combined with some of the best female vocals in the world, then you will want to delve into all that Helalyn Flowers has to offer. This Italian duo has released numerous albums and EPs that have shown their superb skills in the music they create. Their Bandcamp profile is a museum of all they things that make this a band that everyone should learn more about.

Sadly, no one knows how long the merchandise reserves will last for Helalyn Flowers' merchandise and this is the best time to check out what they have left. If not for you, then maybe for someone you know that loves this style of music. Christmas is right around the corner and all the items they have would make amazing gifts. Click here to see what they have to offer. Best of all, buying this directly from the band helps support them and shows them that their fans place value in all that they do.


Suicidal Birds (Lyric Video) by Helalyn Flowers

Handwritten Lyrics by Helalyn Flowers