Gofundme To Help Tearful Moon

We had quite a bit of cash in our house that was stolen, cash that we had saved and put aside for our European tour coming up in October, as well as to cover bills while we are away. It was actually more than the goal we are trying to reach, but we wanted to be reasonable. We don’t know who did this, but it was certainly someone we let in our home, and trusted.

Now we are worried that we are going to have to cancel our tour due to this money being taken from us, and that really sucks. This was the money specifically saved and put aside for tour traveling expenses. We love doing what we do, and have been so excited about finally making it to Europe. It’s been a rough year with the death of my father, and some financial burdens that have followed after losing him. So this just made things a lot harder, and more devastating. One thing we had to look forward to was this tour. We do not want to be robbed of this too. Please help us if you can by donating or sharing. Anything would help, even just a $5 donation. Thanks a lot ❤.

- Tearful Moon

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