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" Hello Friends! "

" For those of you who don't know me that well, I am an artist. I started on stage at 4 years old, became a professional ballerina, then a signed pop artist and then a signed rock artist fronting the trans media project, September Mourning. I am a published fashion model who has been featured in campaigns here and abroad. I developed and successfully published my own on going comic book series through Image/ Top Cow Comics. I've toured throughout Europe, Canada and the United States. "

" Being signed to record label is an amazing thing. In today's age though, a lot of artists are reaching out to their fans to help them along in their journeys financially. Patronage to the arts has been something that has existed for a very long time and establishes a connection between fans and artists that is more personal because the fans actually enable the artist directly. They become a direct inspiration for the creation process because of their support. "

" Lately I've been wanting to expand into other artistic areas besides music....but in order to achieve these goals I need your patronage. I'm asking for your help here so that I may be able to create more music, conceptual visual and video art, wearable art, etc... some of which may be linked to my current visual/ musical art project, September Mourning, and some of it will be outside of that.... "Bucket List" art projects that I have always wanted to create but need a little help in doing so. "

" Please take a minute to look at the right side of the page and find the support level that you are excited about and pledge ;) "

" Every dollar really helps me achieve my goals, in and outside of the studio. "

" Thank you all for deciding to come on this journey with me... I'm excited to see what we create together! "

" Xxx "

- Emily

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September Mourning @ The Chance Theater

September Mourning @ Fish Head Cantina

September Mourning @ Dingbatz