Desensitized Parallels by Xentrifuge

Xentrifuge have always had a special way of fusing Electronic, Electro-Industrial, and Agrotech into some of the most potent music. It is their distinct style in music that has garnered them a fan base that is constantly growing.

Desensitized Parallels is the latst album and the news fixed for the music junkies that live for the music forged by the talents in Xentrifuge.

If you are curious in what this new album sounds like you can check it out on the Bandcamp player below. You can also use the player to buy Desensitized Parallels via Xentrifuge's Bandcamp page for only $7.00 USD.

Desensitized Parallels by Xentrifuge

Live Music Video Of N.M.E. by Xentrifuge

Xentrifuge @ DARQ