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Become one of the BlackTapePatrons and show your support for Black Tape For A Blue Girl. This band was formed in 1986 by Projekt Records' founder Sam Rosenthal. Since the bands inception it has brought in a variety of talent and has created a library of impressive music. These releases have brought in elements of Ethereal, Darkwave, Gothic Rock, Neo-Classical, and Ambient.

For artists like Sam Rosenthal, their band and music is a passion of theirs. It is their way in giving something beautiful to the world. Sadly, there is more than creativity in making quality music that reflects the musicians that create it. A factor in this development process in making new releases is funds. This reality is where Sam has presented a means that his fans can help ensure he has the ability to continue releasing amazing albums at pace determined by him and not circumstances. For only $3.00 USD (or more) you can become a BlackTapePatron and help make this a reality by clicking here.

To give what impact your support gives and perks a BlackTapePatron gets, here are words from Sam Rosenthal:

"You can become a patron of my art. If you love my music, want to ensure I can afford to create more, and want exclusive unreleased new songs, then join today. Your monthly support goes towards paying the band, studio costs, plane tickets, photo shoots, repairing gear, etc. It covers costs and I can dedicate more time to writing and recording.

BlackTapePatrons are an evolution on my Patreon page (begun in 2014, and now phasing out). This is your way to become part of the ongoing creation of my music.

What do you get when you join?

As a BlackTapePatron, you instantly get download/stream of 9 catalog releases, access to new music I post, plus exclusive patron-only material. There’s a fan community area where I will post regularly with my thoughts, and you share your impressions and suggestions. I also write exclusive posts for you: new songs in progress, lyrical ideas, musing on life, photos, stories and more.

The first exclusive album is available to new Patrons: "BlackTape album in progress [dec 2017]." Also available is a June 2015 download of embarrassing incomplete ideas from the THESE FLEETING MOMENTS sessions. :-)

Realizing it is expensive to be an artist, my patrons have joined together to assist me in creating the sounds and visuals they love.

A major part of my cost is the time I take away from Projekt-work that could be earning income. Fortunately, with your funding I can dedicate more time to writing and recording new music, as I downsize the time I spend at 'the day job.

BlackTapePatrons patronage is part of my lifeblood as a creator. This monthly contribution is separate from Kickstarter crowdfunding campaigns, which fund the manufacturing of our albums and associated bonus merchandise. The third (and smallest) pillar of income supporting my existence as an artist is the royalties that come in from album and download sales. By becoming a patron and supporting here, you are part of the answer for how I can continue to be a musician in this new era. Your patronage enables me to keep working on art.

Oh, and members also get 10% off physical merchandise I sell here.

I really enjoy the connection I’ve made with my Patreon backers and look forward to sharing my creative journey with you here, as one of my BlackTapeBandcampPatrons. I love Bandcamp, and look forward to building an even larger community together. If you have any questions before you join, message me at sr.projekt[at]



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