Astromythology by The Crüxshadows

Astromythology is the latest release by The Crüxshadows. This 13 track album brings forth the energy and vitality that is symbolic in all of their music. The album brings a variety of empathic songs with an approach that only can be expressed by this amazing band.

For those that love The Crüxshadows or just love expressive Synth Rock then Astromythology will be an album you will truly want to add to your collection of music. The album brings charged songs like Helios that will jolt any room to life and heart felt songs like Home which show the true talent of Rogue and the rest of this versitile band.

Simply put, Astromythology is one of the gems out there for true lovers of music to purchase. It would be a true tragedy to let it slip from your grasp and miss out on these 13 songs that will make you eager for the next chapter in The Crüxshadows' music.

If you would like to purchase Astromythology by The Crüxshadows then click on the link below.

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