Ashes In The Brittle Air by Black Tape For A Blue Girl

When Black Tape For A Blue Girl made the album, Ashes In The Brittle Air, they made an album that is more than just music. Some of the songs feel magic in a far off place, others feel like the haunting beauty of a dream that lingers each part of the respective song.

Ashes In The Brittle Air is an 11 track album that was originally released through Projekt records in August 9, 1989. To many that have had the chance to hear it and have been able to connect to the beauty in each song, they have found this album to be a true gem worthy of being cherished. The passion and empathy in the music gives a special tone to those that truly listen to the music. As it snares the attention and evokes emotions through each melody presented.

This endearing album by Black Tape For A Blue Girl can now be yours. The digital release is listed as "Name Your Price," which means you can pay nothing or give thanks to this amazing band and give something back to them for giving a part of their collection of music to their fans. Play the Bandcamp player above and discover this enchanting album and you can use that same player to get your copy.

If you want to have a physical CD of Ashes In The Brittle Air, you can get it for $10.00 USD through the player above. Listen to the 11 tracks and see why this is a gift you should not pass up.

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