Asha by AO Music

AO Music had a vision and gathered the artistic minds of Miriam Stockley and Richard Gannaway to make it a reality. This reality was a series of beautiful songs that were made into the album, Asha. The album was made not just to share this msuic to the world, but to give back to the world.

A portion of the proceeds from the sales of Asha, the advertising tied to the video above, other releated money generated is given to providng sustainable support for children that have been orphaned either by natural disaster or through conflicts. This act of kindness is done through the AO Foundation International.

They say that music can heart a heart, and in this respect it can save lives. If you like the video above, you can purchase this album through the Amazon widget below.

One Dream by Miriam Stockley

Perfect Day by Miriam Stockley

Perfect Day by Miriam Stockley