AmeriKKKant by Ministry

Al Jourgensen the front man and evil genius of Ministry had stated that From Beer To Eternity would be the final release and chapter to this iconic band. This response was a reaction from Al from all the poking and proding people did to him. They never thought that the passing of Mike Scaccia, his guitarist and friend, would impact him as a person. They constant questions were salt in the open wound that Al had with losing Mike.

Roughly 5 years later Al Jourgensen decided to take the many ideas that have been growing in his mind and to inject them as vitality into Ministry. These new creative avenues led to the fourteenth album which would be titled, AmeriKKKant. The new album would have guest appearances from Arabian Prince (N.W.A), Burton C. Bell (Fear Factory) DJ Swamp, and Lord Of The Cello.

AmeriKKKant was released March 9th, 2018 and has earned a variety of mixed reviews. Like many of Ministry's past releases, this is one that is hard hitting music through the keen vision that only Al Jourgensen can give.

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