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Aether by Aeon Sable

The German band Aeon Sable Has always create music that wasn't bound by genres, but has focused on the beauty of the melodies that they created. Their latest album Aether continues down this route as each of its 7 tracks seem to draw from elements of Gothic Rock and Alternative Rock. Some bands try to delve into more than one genre and sometimes they nail it and more often they fail. Aeon Sable is one of the rare gems in being able to fuse two related genres into some truly impressive songs.

Aether brings forth some really good songs that perfectly represent the mood and tone that is symbolic to Aeon Sable. Check out the Bandcamp player above (the image) and get a good sampling of the music that is in this latest chapter from this impressive band.

If you find the songs on Aether as enchanting as Aeon Sable's fans do, you can use the Bandcamp player above to purchase this new album for only € 10,00 (roughly $11.10 USD). This is a band that shows empathy in their music and a rare combination of vocals and melody that makes it a music for anyone that loves the darker side of Rock music.

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