Æppreciation - Deutsche Wælle by Leæther Strip

Many bands will give tribute to one that has inspired them, but it is truly rare to find the reversal of this. Leæther Strip a legend and inspiration in their own right are paying tribute to the many artists that have been their music. Æppreciation - Deutsche Wælle is a special release in that it is the representation of this tribute.

Æppreciation - Deutsche Wælle is a release where Leæther Strip is creating their own special version of 10 amazing songs by gifted German artists. These covers reflect the original songs, but in the eyes of one of the truly gifted artists in Electronic music.

Check out the Bandcamp player above and listen to these modern takes on these remarkable remakes by some of the music icons in Germany. If you want to get your copy of Æppreciation - Deutsche Wælle it can be yours for only $12.00 USD through the player above. You can give more or give it as a gift to someone you know that loves good German Electronic songs.

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