10 Year Anniversary Of Caramelldansen

Caramella Girls celebrate the 10 year anniversary to their hit song Caramelladansen. The band had broken up a decade ago and it was the massive support for this song that gave the band the motivation to be reformed.

Since the rebirth of the Caramella Girls, they have released a number of songs through Swedish label, Remixed Records. The label has shown an amazing amount of support in the band and their music. Still, no of this would have not been possible without the support of the fans and the videos they made for Caramelldansen.

The video above, is not one of these fan videos made years ago. Caramella Girls thought it would be fitting to make a new video pay tribute to the label and the fans that have stood by them. Caramella Girls would like to give heartfelt thanks to Ana Villanueva for the video reproduction and Brian Tsui for the live 2d animation.

Tokyo by Caramella Girls

Corona Virus Tips by Caramella Girls

Wish Upon A Star by Caramella Girls