We Defy Oblivion Special Offer by The Sweetest Condition

What is better than getting an awesome album? Getting it in a package deal! The Sweetest Condition present their latest album, We Defy Oblivion, with a special band T-Shirt. These is a limited edition deal and is going fast so you will want to jump on it.

We Defy Oblivion has shown the true talent in The Sweetest Condition in their blend of combining Electro-Industrial, Synthpop, and Synthrock into a series of songs that leave their listener wanting more from the band. This offer is one of the specials offered by the band to sate the needs of those that love the melodies made by this U.S. based duo.

The CD/T-Shirt bundle can be purchased from their official Bandcamp profile for only $35.00 USD. Click here to go to their profile on Bandcamp.

If you haven't head of The Sweetest Condition listen to the player below. It has all 10 tracks to their album, We Defy Oblivion, for your listening pleasure.

Knock Us Down by The Sweetest Condition

Special Insight On Knock Us Down

Knock Us Down (Dystopia Remix) by The Sweetest Condition