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Utopia by Kenta Kamiyama and Ayaka Nakamura

Japanese Ambient musician, Kenta Kamiyama, joins forces with Ayaka Nakamura to create a stunning combination of music and artwork seen in the video above titled, Utopia. Kenta creates the fluid music that is the guide through a series of images created by the impressive skills of Ayaka. This combination of audio and visuals make for a special journey through two different aspects of art that compliment each other in this video.

Making intimate music that reaches and snares the attention of his listeners has been a standard that Kenta Kamiyama has mastered. His music has always been expressive and had a calming effect through a creative direction. It is this aspect that has made his performances more of a gathering of friends than a performance to an audience. His approach has been an evolution in how his music is presented and how it affects those that listen to it. This creates an atmosphere that is very unifying to him as an artist and those that are part of the experience of his performances. The Utopia video takes this approach and the remarkable visuals that Ayaka has made and make for something similar, yet different.

Play the video above and get a special presentation of two aspects of artistic expression from the Land Of The Rising Sun.

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