Special Intro by Electrochemy TV

Electrochemy TV is one of the trend setters in embracing the virtual revolution. As many of the magazines are struggling to make the transition from physical magazines to a more electronic approach, Electrochemy TV has evolved this into a very special video magazine.

As with many media, Electrochemy TV hits many topics and this is where explaining who they are in a concise explanation will never do them justice. With this challenge in mind, they have made a special introduction video that presents what they offer in their videos.

For those that are eager to see more of their videos, there is a drawback in that they only release a new video each quarter of the year. They do work hard in making each release packed with a ton of interesting tidbits for their fans and that has been one of their true hallmarks. They present each topic as close to full disclosure as possible. Tie these topics in with some amazing music and sexy models and you get a glimpse into the world that Electrochemy TV has carved. Better yet, check out the video above and let them present a glimpse into their work.

Electrochemy TV: June/July 2016

Electrochemy TV: February/March 2016

Electrochemy TV: July 2015