Out Now! We Defy Oblivion by The Sweetest Condition

We Defy Oblivion by The Sweetest Condition has been released and the verdict is in by many, the music is great! This duo recently released this new album with a number of songs that fit perfectly in Synthpop, Electro-Industrial, and a number of dance related genres. Check it out on the player below and see what you have been missing by not getting this superb album.

The Sweetest Condition is an electronicly driven band fronted by the superb vocals of Leslie Benson. We Defy Oblivion is the latest release by these two and shows the wealth of talent they have in making the music they love. Leslie works on the lyrics and Jason Milner forms the melodies that harnesses the emotions of the words and give then a pulsating and driven medium for the listener.

We Defy Oblivion can be found on the official Bandcamp account for The Sweetest Condition for only $12.00 USD. Click on the player below to purchase your copy today. Even in the cyber age of intelligence we can miss the hidden gems that are offered to us in music, this is one of these gems that you will not want to overlook.

Knock Us Down by The Sweetest Condition

Special Insight On Knock Us Down

Knock Us Down (Dystopia Remix) by The Sweetest Condition