Limited Edition Beborn Beton T-Shirt

Beborn Beton have made a number of epic songs that even years after their release are still adored by their fans. Their approach has been one of the true guiding forces to Synthpop and to music as a whole. Their depth of talent and direction in making their music have made them one of the bands that have earned air time on radio and dance clubs through out the world.

WTII Records present a limited edition girlie T-shirt of Beborn Beton. The shirt comes in either a tank top or a T-shirt based on what you prefer and as a limited item is something special that you can get in honor of one of the gifted bands in the Electronic music scene. These shirts are going fast and there is a small number of them left, so be sure to get yours as soon as possible. They can be purchased for $10.00 USD from the official WTII Records Bandcamp profile ( by clicking here). WTII Records has strived to release special items in honor of the musicians tied to them and this is one of the little gems they have in tribute to Beborn Beton.

Last Day On Earth by Beborn Beton

Beborn Beton @ Musigburg